Hermana Lee

Hermana Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
Peru Trujillo North Mission
Teodoro Valcarcel 512
Urb, Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week 59 Letter

Monday, July 31, 2017
Ok, so this week was crazy. I started out with Hermana Delgado...and then Thursday our wife of the president called us with a situation and long story short I am now with Hermana Pastrana for this week, or maybe for the rest of the transfer. She is another Hermana Leader who was serving a couple horas away. But woke up really weird and half of her face wasn’t working and she was soooo out of it for a time. She doesn’t remember a lot and still has a lot of problems remembering what happened, people’s names, her area, and words. So we have been having a lot of fun. It was actually scary stuff because she is kind of weird, and feels not normal and her right side still feels weird. But she is now functioning! Those first couple of days together was kind of scary for me! haha. But she is soooooo great! I love her so much! I have learned soooo much these last couple of days. It has been crazy. I have learned to listen, because she will tell me the same stories over and over...hahaha, I have learned to love, and how to go with the flow, I have learned to be really productive even while being stuck in my apartment, I have learned to love, how to trust President, how to just everything. It has been so great. And I am so grateful for hermana Pastrana. She is a boss. She is from Columbia but has lived in the states. We have played a lot of charades because sometimes she forgets words in both languages. But it has been awesome. She has been doing sooooo well though. Yesterday afternoon we went out and it was slower, she could teach and she is doing great today. still feels really weird though, especially in her right hand. it has no strength. All of this is sooooo weird. But the doctors have been doing stuff and she has an MRI tonight. But they don’t think that it is super urgent. So we are just waiting to hear stuff now. Just please keep her in your prayers. 

Anyways, Janeth from Cajamarca came to see me and she came out and worked with us at the beginning of the week. Just like good old times. It was the best. I had a really great interview with president. Like soooooo good. I was able to just feel so much love from him. And we just talked so differently. And it was like I was talking to a friend. We are similar in a lot of ways. And I could just see so much love in his eyes for me and for hermana Pastrana. And instead of asking me the normal questions and about my goals, he just said, "Hermana Lee, this time is for you. what do you want from me?" I really just talked to him about something I have been thinking a lot about. I have 4 months more of the mission. 4. That is not a long time. At all. I have been a Hermana Lider for a long time, and I thought that I would really learned more about charity by now. And I have, but you all know me, I am a closed person, and it’s hard for me to behold someone and love them. I read Elder Palmers talk about that lots of times these last couple of weeks and learn something new from it every time. I know that I have learned a lot about a Christ like love, or about being an example, but I have 4 months left and I am not at all where I thought I would be. I am not the one to seek or want compliments, and president knows that, but he just really helped me see the bigger picture. He told me that he is not worried about it as much as I am. And that if I really am obsessed with working and with baptizing, and just go for it all with all of the heart, then I will be able to see my charity through others when I am finished. And he, being an incredible president of the mission, looked at me, beholding me, and loved me. and it was the weirdest thing I think that I have ever seen or felt. I think that even just for one instant I saw the Savior, and I am just now realizing it all and putting it together in my head. President is incredible exempla of charity and love, even though he is like me and doesn’t express it. a lot of the sisters have a hard time, and don’t feel his love, but though his example of fulfilling his calling of preaching the gospel is the way in which he shares his love. And the way in which Jesus Christ shared his love. Realmente I know that the best way that we can show our love to a missionary, convert recent, investigator, family member, friend, or person in the street, is to put Christ first and to put His will above all else. It was just an amazing experience that I had. I love you all. 

THINK OF ME EVERY TIME YOU clean the house. I have become such a clean freak. haha. not really, but I love having a clean house. thanks mom for teaching me how to clean. hahaha

pics I found powdered milk! you just add water and it tastes like the closest thing to real milk! haha. I remember once JA told me about it and I just now found it. haha. also, it was the day of indepence here in Peru on the 28th!  

Week 58 Letter

Monday, July 24, 2017
Ok so SOOOO MUCH happened this week, so I will work on sending pics, because you can see that better. I will also work on trying to send a video, but internet is sketch today. anyway: 
Last pday we played with monkeys!!!!! it was the best. they are so rotten but so sweet. I loved it. don’t worry, we took long showers after. we ran around like crazies ALLLLLLLL week again. holy moly. So many things with our Hermana’s, districts and zones. lots of stuff. we also had our church open house this week which was awesome. lots of prep for that. we had lots of sisters at this one so instead of teaching, we went out contacting which was great. 
we had a really great exchange with some sisters this week. one from brazil, who knows Vitoria!!!! she says it is really pretty! And a friend from my first area served there and is so excited for josh. me too. this week we had transfers. Hermana Wright had transfers!!!!!!! She is going to Grants Pass Oregon!!!!! haha. she finished and way strongly. she is great. so hard to say goodbye. We have really become amigasas. so hard to say goodbye, but the good thing is that she lives in the states and not in Ecuador or lima. hahaha. but really, she was my favorite. and now I am with Hermana Delgado AGAIN!!!!!!!! I was with her for only 1 transfer in San Pedro, y ahora we are together!!!! we are so excited. we have all the same areas on the mission. so we know the same people! so that’s fun. she is great. and Hermana Pacheco will train, so we will live all together the 3 generations of training. that will be fun. what else, oh my....just wait until the other pics for another crazy story. hahaha anyways, I love you all and hope you are enjoying your summer! I am working on more photos and I will explain then. 

THINK OF ME EVERYTIME YOU eat food Mexicana. we found a restaurant Mexican that is kind of like cafe rio. oh my how I have missed it. wow the tortillas were so good. the guac, the spicy, good stuff. I’m glad I could enjoy that with hermana wright one of her last nights.  

oh my...so do y'all remember that stupid baptismal font that was broken? yup, still broken. remember how we talked to a bunch of FM guys? yup, still haven’t done anything. so we had to clean that out for that church activity where part of the tour is the baptismal font. we got rid of it all. all. wow. lots of bucket carrying so, my best friend has been ice, muscle cream and ibuprofen. but you do what you got to do (being smart) and God will make up the difference. but what is really nasty is that there were a bunch of dead crickets and cockroaches in the water. and in the drain at the top of the stairs. we were like surgeons getting them out. I’m so tired of FM. hahaha. 

my friend Janeth from Cajamarca came to Trujillo to see me! she left for vacations and she has family here. so fun. we spent all morning together and went out to lunch. she is so great. so fun to see her. and then here is Hermana Delgado. she started in Cajamarca so is friends with Janeth too. way too fun. 

Week 57 Letter

Monday, July 17, 2017
I know that I didn’t really write anything last week, but....now I am just so mad that Josh leaves the day of, or day before I get back. Pucha. That is so sad. But I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR JOSH! Brasil! That is so awesome. He is going to be the best missionary of us all! Yay! 

Anyways, so ya, we got really sick and that was so horrible. But we are good now. Thank goodness. Getting sick in Peru is just worse. haha. So, 4th of July happened. That was fun. We ate lunch as a district and I had a really ugly bandage on my face. All week...haha. We had a zone conference that we had to teach at right? But I was still bleeding, so my companion wore a band aid with me to help me feel better. And we painted them Gold. Comp goals. haha. It was so great. We had lots of interchanges this week that were so crazy. And I have also killed about a bazillion crickets and roaches for my comps. I am the only one who will do it. it’s always fun when they are outside on your little closed in patio and you have to find them. But if not, we don’t sleep because they are so annoying. haha. but that has bene fun this week. Also, some of my family from my first area Esperanza came to see me at church the other day! it was so great to see them. I love them so much. we have started lunching with members on the weekends, and it has been great. I have eaten so much food...haha. but this weekend we ate Peruvian lasaƱa with both families! it was awesome! but Sunday we visited the familia Miranda Machuca. THEY ARE THE BEST. They are the most American people here. Pedro, Maria and their 17 year old son all know English so well. They have another son serving in Texas right now. They are so great. They made really yummy lasagna and then gave us some to take home for dinner. and in their house the spirit is so strong. and they look American, like I had a friend who looks exactly like their sons. And they are just really good people who serve their hearts out in the church. I will send a pic. 

While we were sick last week and couldn’t sleep we watched the old testament and new testament seminary videos. yup. my childhood. it was the best. I was half asleep quoting along with them. my companion was impressed. haha. Anyway, I love you all so much. don’t be depressed when I get home because josh will have just left. josh is always stealing my thunder. hahaha. jokes. I love you all! 

THINK OF ME EVERY TIME YOU eat mint Oreos. they have Oreos here, but just the regular. or now they have a cookies n cream Oreo....what? I thought the definition of cookies n cream WAS Oreo...so....hmmmm. hahaha. 

Week 56 Letter

Monday, July 10, 2017

I wrote this to Ali at 2:00 our time – Hey, it’s 2:00, where are you?
I got this about an hour later – Sick, just sick.
I asked for an explanation and she said – We just push for the work so hard all week, that come Pday, we are sick.

And that was it.

Week 55 Letter

Monday, July 3, 2017

Okay, so the work goes on! With lots of crazy stuff! Hahaha. But really, good stuff. We found an awesome family this week and some other great people who have been waiting for the gospel! It will be a long process with some, but so worth it! 

This weekend I and my companion got to be part of an open house for one of the churches in our stake. It is done by our area authorities and Elder Godoy and his counselors. They give us all of the posters and topics and instructions and things like that. We are doing them in all of the chapels here! We got to help out in another capilla. It was awesome. The elders go out contacting and looking to invite people and then 4 sisters do all of the teaching. I loved it so much. They are really awesome. I can’t wait to do it in my chapel in a couple weeks. It will be super awesome. Lots of people come and we get lots of references and its super great! 

This week we finally moved, but that was kind of crazy. Peruvians just try to put everything on their tiny cars. I will send a pic. But we got it all worked out. From moving and empting the font baptimal, my shoulder has taken a toll, so I started another series of PT. But nothing major. Good stuff. But funny story, I finished the exercises this morning, and it hurt, so I went to lay on my bed for a sec. And I sleep on the bottom. And then one of the panels fell on my face...so that’s cool. I don’t think it needs stitches, just that it has been almost 4 hours and it is still bleeding...but if nothing else I will just buy super glue. ;) 

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my very favorite holidays. I hope you all enjoy. :) 

I am super happy for Shane and Heather! And Josh and Haley! I love being an aunt! It is for sure the best thing ever. 

THINK OF ME EVERYTIME YOU eat rice Krispy treats. And I know y'all are eating them this week. 

Some investigators from Esperanza came to visit me at church (after their church...haha). This is their little girl. She still remembered me. :) And then some pics of a group of super great kids. Then my face right now....I’m starting to regret my childish ways now...I don’t know why I insisted on bringing only colored Band-Aids on the mission. hahaha. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 54 Letter

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ok, so this week was still so crazy, and flew by, and side note, Bruno Mars is on the station here at the internet cafe, and granade is playing and I’m just thinking of Shane. Hahaha. ANYWAYS...
PAULO GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! He has 16 years, and his mom has started coming back to church. But he is probably the most on top of it 16 year old kid that I have ever met. He is so great. And he has really helped out the youth group here with his example. He has really found his place and just shines. He will be a really great missionary. He got a new suit and everything. His dad who isn’t a member, and didn’t want him to get baptized....WENT to the baptism!!!! And it was so great. I love this family so much and can’t wait to keep working with them! David and Leydi are also jovenes that we are working with. Paulo has helped David out a lot too! So’ he is planning on getting baptized the 15th. All good things in our area! It’s been really exciting. 

So funny story...Trying to figure out the baptismal font was a real heck of a time. Only one person in the ward knew how to do it, but just moved far away...um what? Why no one else knows I know not. So we spent a lot of time working with a broken font. Because we couldn’t empty it, because there was something wrong with the sewage system. it was about 1/4 still filled up. And then an answer to prayers, an FM guy randomly showed up at the capilla. But, he didn’t know how to do it...so he called another FM guy who said he was going to come and help the next day...but didn’t...FM...hmmm....haha, jokes.... ;) So, what happened was that the morning of the baptism me and my companion emptied the font with buckets and cleaned out the dead roaches. Yup. I guess getting in the knee deep water was the closest I will ever get to swimming on the mission. haha. I hope that we don’t grow some kind of fungi from the water...hahaha. But it all ended really good, so that is awesome! Super fun. 

I love you all so much! THINK OF ME EVERYTIME YOU SWIM!!!!!! :) 

Week 53 Letter

Monday, June 19, 2017

Holy moly. We have been running literally. Everywhere every day. I am not even kidding. I and Hermana Wright have just worked harder than we have in all of our lives. And we have SOOOOOO much going on. So, in this zone there are way more Hermanas, so we are always busy helping them with their needs, and today we helped some move. We are also looking for a new place to live. With us and the 2 sisters that live with us, but oh my, my presidente and his wife have changed what they are looking for every day this week so that has been crazy, and our area is HUGE. My biggest area so we have been going all over the place and estamos teaching so much and I love it! We literally take no breaks. Our meals are 10 minutes, and I haven’t even seen my pensionista in days because we just eat on the go and eat dinner in our apartment at 9:30 or 10, especially since we are doing an experiment for presidente of staying out to teach until 10. crazy. We are so "obsessed with baptizing" that we didn’t even look over family pics until last night, and we haven’t even talked about the normal stuff! We just go go go! But really, Hermana Wright is the best. It is so dangerously fun to have to Americans together!!!!! I can be walking and make a Gus (from psych) noise and she totally gets it! and the other day I was whistling a song from 7 brides for 7 brothers and she joined me in harmony and she totally got it and it was just so good. we have laughed soooo much, but have worked sooooooo much harder. It has been so good. So, rewarding. I love her so much. We had interviews with presidente, and he told us "ya, I don’t know why I put 2 gringas together, I don’t like doing that for safety issues, but, the Lord said to do it" and it has been awesome. We don’t even speak in English because it just hurts our brains and it takes more to think in English and we just can’t. hahaha. It has been such a great week, that has felt like 4 because of all the things we do! And we have to book it now to go look for more apartments and end pday a little early to teach. You just learn how to go without breathing! hahahaha. 

I love my new area. We have been seeing so many miracles with teaching! The area presidency is really big on finding youth 15-25 years to teach, especially young men because the church here needs priesthood. We have had so much success with that this week! We invited 3 jovenes to get baptized! And Paulo is getting baptized this weekend! His mom just started coming back to church. We have visited them so much, and Pualo is the most profound 16 year old kid I know. So great! I am so excited for the work here! Missing Cajamarca, but you will ALWAYS miss your areas. And today I just found out that my investigators from San Pedro are getting baptized this week! A whole family that I was teaching! And 2 weeks after I left San Pedro 2 of our other investigators got baptized and they are doing so great. It just makes me soooo happy to see the church growing here! 

I LOVE YOU ALL! Think of me every time you drink lemonade and eat grapes. Or even raisins. haha. 

pics: We are close to the ocean! I LOVE THE OCEAN! 

I haven’t sat down all week! We have just gone, gone, gone!!!!!!!! Like, 5 minute lunches (the big meal here) and dinner at 9:30 or 10. We have literally run every day to get to lessons and I am still gaining weight. Haha.  And we are looking for a new house which is really stressful because our presidente and his wife and secretaries are telling us different things every day. But so crazy. Oh my mom so crazy. Like we didn’t even look at family pics until last night. That’s normally the first thing comps do! But I don’t think i have laughed so hard in my mission ever. Hermana Wright is the best.