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Hermana Lee

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Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
Peru Trujillo North Mission
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Urb, Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 2 Letter

Hola Famlee!
How goes your life? Mine is pretty dang great here at the grand old CCM. It is all good stuff. We get new missionaries here every three weeks, so the older group of Americans all left yesterday. 14 new American Sisters got here late last night and some Elders and a bunch of new Latinos. I got assigned to be a Sister Trainer along with another Hermana in my district. I don’t have to do a lot, just weekly interviews with each girl and attend a couple extra Sunday meetings. I just have to love them and let them cry or rant to me. Haha.
Not a whole lot of crazy stuff happened this week so I will just tell you a typical day here for me. I am going proselyting on Saturday so I will have some stuff next week I am sure.
I wake up at 6:30 sharp. Personal study is so great. I just finished the Book of Mormon since being here. I loved reading it with the lens of a missionary. So great. The Spirit has testified to me so many times that it is the most true book. Sunday we had a lot of classes on the Restoration and I LOVED them. Breakfast is next. There is always this rice hot drink that is either decent or not good, but I drink them all. Eggs, toast, fruit, sometimes crepes and then every day I eat this weird cereal in yogurt. I look forward to it every morning. The Latinos all thought we were weird for eating cereal with milk, so we tried it in cereal...life changing. Then we have lessons with one of our investigators and comp study. I can speak Spanish way better in the lessons than anywhere else. There’s the gift of tongues for you. We then have language lessons and teaching lessons. Then lunch. Rice, chicken, weird stuff that I dare not ask what it is but its good. They make some good cakes and stuff. And I eat an ice cream bar called a Jet. It tastes like frozen pudding. I miss American ice cream a bunch but I shouldn’t complain.
After lunch Ill do a computer language study program. Then personal language study. Then physical activity!!!!!!! We play soccer with the Latinos and it is awesome. But lately when just the Americans play i will run around the soccer field for a long time. It is very relaxing. Then we get ready and shower because we all sweat a lot and then dinner. More rice and chicken. They have pasta noodles a lot but I always go for the rice. I love rice. And boiled potatoes. Its good stuff. Then we have another investigator and more language classes until 9. Those are hard because they are long and tiring. But then we plan our day and then me and Hermana Clark interview people until bedtime. Lights out at 10:30 and I lay in bed awake for a long time after. I have to learn how to sleep!!! Haha.

I have gained such a stronger testimony of the gospel and the atonement of Jesus Christ. As we focus our lesson on the investigators needs, it is so easy to relate everything back to the atonement, and how Christ knows each of us individually, and through him, we can find so much happiness and joy. I have gained such a strong testimony of the Spirit. I am so grateful for revelation and promptings. I know that when I obey the promptings, I please Heavenly Father and really myself. I really love being a missionary and can’t wait to get into the field! I know it is way different and way harder, but I am in the right place! I love you all! Have the best week EVER! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 1 Letter

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Ahhhh! I am in Lima and it is the greatest thing ever. I can’t even imagine what Trujillo will feel like. So just a couple things, I am writing in a Word document because we can only access our email in basic HTML…so features are very basic. But that is ok!

Thank you for all the emails! I will take a pic and read them all. Nobody has died, and I haven`t bled yet so I have done no crying. ;) All is well. The driving in Lima is so crazy. Mom, I apologize for being such a backseat driving to you. The streets are filled with garbage and dogs and craziness but I instantly felt so much love for it here! It is super humid and feels like I am walking in a cloud. Not a good combo when working out outside. My favorite is playing soccer. It is way fun. I have gotten so much better and love it. The Latinos are really good. There are about 100 missionaries at the MTC. 23 of us are whites, the rest are wonderful people that I cannot yet talk to very well, but we talk as much as possible. The gift of tongues is real, and I need it, so please pray. ;) The MTC and instructors really focus on first learning the language of the Spirit, so I really appreciate that. The Spirit is so strong as we talk about doctrine, teach our investigator and watch devos. We watched the devo from the Provo MTC and it was amazing. Elder Bednar talked about how Christ
teaches and loves the people one by one, and how each of us, are a one. It was such a blessing to feel Heavenly Fathers divine love for me. It is hard work staying focused and learning a new language, but I am often reminded of my purpose as a missionary. I am a one. And the people that I will teach will be a one. So I need to make sure that I teach with the spirit!

The food is pretty much rice and chicken every meal…and it is wonderful. A lot of Hermana’s complain, but my philosophy is that I will never get this good of food in the field so I should try all things and eat everything that is on my plate. Obviously that isn’t too hard for me. But the food is amazing. I love it so much. I have eaten so many fruits that I have never even heard of. The juice is also amazing. I am pretty much the only white person that likes Papaya. The pineapple is so good. It is almost white, and tastes so much better. And the ice cream is good too. I just really miss
popcorn…We did have Peruvian pizza one night.

Elder Rasband is coming tomorrow! I am pretty stoked. It will be really good. The Lima Central and South missions will join us. There are 5 missions in Lima! It is crazy! The Book of Mormon is so great. I for sure advice you all to read it, and read it often. Read it on top of your seminary assignments in the Bible. I wish I did that more. I LOVE Alma 26 and after a long day, it was a miracle that I just so happened to be on that chapter. Tender Mercies are real, and much appreciated.

So, I am in a trio. Hermana Herdklotz y Hermana Moeaki. Everyone in my district and the other new “new” district is from Utah except me and Hermana Herdklotz, so story time gets really interesting really fast….but they are all so great. I am really blessed. We get a long great. There are always little things, but you just let them go. It’s good stuff.

President Moore and Hermana Moore are so great. They know JA and so that’s cool. But I love them. They are strict which is so good! They have been mission presidents before so they know what they are doing. I love them so much. Every time President Moore teaches or speaks, I think of dad. So be careful, or y’all might have to move pretty soon…

I found a dandelion! I was so happy! I of course picked it and stuck it in my journal. This is probably the most pics you’ll ever get from me. I can only take them on pdays and so there really isn’t much to take pics of. But I thought I would take some pics of my comps and the other companionship in my district. And we have one set of elders in our district too. Best district ever. Well, I love you all!

Thanks for being such great family members! Haha. Until next week!

PS - I MISS THEM ALL! But no tears yet, because I am a Lee, and you and I
both know when lees can cry. ;) I do miss American cereal though. They
have fake cocoa puffs and some other stuff. Their milk is way sweeter.
But the Latinos eat their cereal in their yogurt which is so weird.
But hey, I’m in Peru. I have to try everything. Just so you know,
people here live in basically small shacks or holes, but they drive
nice cars, and the most popular are Toyotas...so lots of ravs. Good
stuff. And I have also taken a prenatal every single day...8 in a row is my

record. I don’t think I ever even took any since the summer...so ya. I’m
being blessed by obeying you so thanks.

Hey!!!!!! I can't get on dropbox in the MTC. The whole email situation
is really sketchy anyways. But I will look at them in the field! Tell
those little girls I love them! Holy hot! It is winter here so it is
about 80 degrees in the afternoon but really humid. The mornings are
pretty cold. I wish so badly that I could swim! The family letter will
come soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Day Letter - She arrived!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I made it to Peru with no problems!  Lima is amazing.  I will explain more next week.  P-days are Wednesdays, so I will write next Wednesday.  You should know that the first billboard I saw was advertising beer.. BUT the second one I saw had a BIG picture of a new Toyota Rav...so ha!  I couldn't read the Spanish but it had a good feel to it.  You probably got a birthday card for me in the mail.  Tell the family I love them!!!!!  Also, send me dad's email address.  I think I have the wrong one.  Thanks!