Hermana Lee

Hermana Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
Peru Trujillo North Mission
Teodoro Valcarcel 512
Urb, Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 5 Letter

Monday, July 18, 2016

I am in Trujillo!!!!!! I love it! But it was so sad leaving the CCM. I really love President Moore and Hermana Moore. My new president is great but I don’t really know him. Before we left the CCM, we went to the temple again. It was so awesome. I don’t know how much I will get to go in Trujillo. 

My companion is Hermana Soto. She has 8 months on the mission and is from Argentina. She doesn’t speak English...but we get a long really well with my very, very, VERY broken Spanish. I seriously can’t speak anything outside of lessons...but I will learn.  I am in an area called Esperanza. Hermana Soto and I are the first sisters to serve in the area...I don’t know why, but don’t worry, even though our area is pretty scary, we don’t live in it. We live a block outside of it... ;) I’m in a pretty big zone and we are the only sisters. It’s funny, little kids call me princess because they have never seen an American girl before. haha. We had to start from scratch so we got right to work. We have a couple investigators that are so awesome; golden, but have to make a lot of changes in their lives. It is hard to get people to church here. Sundays are reserved for fiestas of all kinds.

 I eat a lot of chicken and rice. We have someone that cooks for us, so every meal we go to her house. We are not allowed to eat anything from the streets or in member’s homes. So good news, I probably won’t die. Water is SUPER sketchy so bottled water only. That is a real pain when we run out and I have to ration out my water bottle so I still have some to brush my teeth with. It is really 3rd world here. I won’t say how many gun shots I have heard...haha. No, all is well. 
So here are some pics of my view. Pretty sketchy, but I love it so much. It is amazing how much love I have for the people and area. We have a member who has 17 years and is recently reactivated. She comes out with us a lot; it is so great. I LOVE the gospel and am so glad I get to share it. 

Lots of dogs here. Lots. But we haven’t had any problems with them yet. Lots of dirt. LOTS of dirt. You should see my shoes. But I love it here!!!!!!

Think of me every time you flush toilet paper, eat ice cream, take a hot shower, walk barefoot, and speak English. hahahahahaha.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! – Hermana Lee

 I just need to learn Spanish. I am not allowed to cook anything so we have a cook we pay. We go to her house all meals every day. She just got reactivated and was called to be the RS president on Sunday! This way, they won’t send as many missionaries home due to sickness and brain worms. So no eating any food unless it is from my cook. I can eat things from the store if they are a certain brand, like crackers and candy. They have little markets all over. You stand outside the gated door and tell them what you want.  I eat rice. Lots of rice and bread and chicken and veggies. I eat a lot of beets and broccoli that they soak in lime juice. It’s really good. Lunch is their big meal, so for dinner we just eat bread (which is like they leave it out for a week first) with strawberry jam. We have a Peruvian drink with every meal. They are hard to explain. But all is good.
I’m in a ward! There were about 130 people there on Sunday. I’m in a bigger area.  My comp and I are the first sisters in the area! So we are the only ones in our whole zone. There are 26 elders in our zone and us.

I have an investigator named Jamie. I invited him to baptism and he accepted! But then we found out he doesn’t live in our area, he just attends church with his girlfriend in our ward.....we can still teach him on Sundays though.

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