Hermana Lee

Hermana Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
Peru Trujillo North Mission
Teodoro Valcarcel 512
Urb, Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 26 Letter

Monday, Dec 12, 2016

Hola Famlee! I hope you are enjoying your cold winter while I am sweating buckets. haha. This week...was just one of those weeks that all missionaries have, and it just took me 6 months to get there....A stupid but very wise quote from a friend "it sucks to suck" has been ringing in my head, and haunting me during all hours of the long and sleepless nights. Literally no sleep this week. Who am I kidding? I never sleep. Looking back, I don’t even know why it was so bad, just lots of little things every day that adds up, ya know? comps are hard, ward members are hard, lack of lessons is hard, slamming doors is hard, men yelling horrible things at me every day for the past 6 months is hard, progressing investigators breaking apart is hard, my health going out the window is hard, lots of new changes to the mission is hard, missions are hard. And I knew it would be. And I would rather be here than working and going to school life before, but this week just everything added up and I felt like such a failure of a missionary. it sucks to suck! And then Sunday night when you’re showing your cook/RS pres/mom how to dance like an American it just feels all better for a second. And then you pray more intently than ever before when your comp is sound asleep, and then you read the conference ensign in English at 4am and remember that it's a new week, you just feel better. Neal A. Maxwell said "Certain forms of suffering endured well, can actually be ennobling...Part of enduing well consists of being meek enough, amid our suffering to learn from our relevant experiences. Rather than simply passing though these things, they mis pass through us...in ways which sanctify us." Wow. Deep. Ali Lee, get over yourself and be meek and humble and endure your suffering. Really. Honestly, I am not even suffering and this week wasn't even that hard and I had so much to be grateful for. Soooooo all of this is to tell you that we can have a hard week and still be a successful missionary and still be happy and learn more from it more than any other week. I have seriously learned so much this week. And Revelations 7:17 says that God shall wipe away all the tears from our eyes...so while I have developed the literal inability to cry, I think that it is the thought that counts. We will have nothing to worry about when we are righteous and ready to enter in the kingdom of our loving Heavenly Father. So ya. Life is good. So good. 

This week a circus has been going on....check out the picture...real heck of a circus. haha. Also, I ate Ceviche which is breaking the number one rule of the mission...but my cook made it and said it was okay and the fish was cooked....(Ceviche is a famous Peruvian specialty in Trujillo; a dish with fish only cooked from lemon juice) it was SUPER good....but the fish was not cooked so that was great....i repented...and lost a little confidence in my cook. haha. I also drank Coca Cola for my first time ever in my life....nasty. I also repented of that. And of the inca kola soda I drank. But sometimes...all the time you should not drink the water here so when investigators give you water or coca cola, you take the pop. haha 

So my life is good. I Hope you all have the greatest week ever and enjoy your holiday season. I love you all. 
THINK OF ME when you listen to Christmas music and play in the cold...it seriously feels like I am still in July and Christmas is months away. hahahaha

Pics: a Christmas tree we set up for an investigator, the circus and our Christmas cactus...

Love, Hermana Lee

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