Hermana Lee

Hermana Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
Peru Trujillo North Mission
Teodoro Valcarcel 512
Urb, Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 30 Letter

Monday, Jan 9, 2017
Wow, not a lot of time, like almost none, but how are you? I have to go back to Trujillo again today. So, once or twice every week this month...ugh. But that’s okay. Anyways...this week was so great. Lots of miracles. Tons. lots spiritually, but also, Heavenly Father knows our physical needs too, and this week He blessed us with a lot of temporal blessings...like Snickers, s'mores, hamburgers, brownies, Costco trail mix with real raisins, and tortillas. A pretty American week. And one part of my area makes me feel like I am in the South of the states. It is so awesome. I love it. And then sometimes I think of Sister Summer Romney in Louisiana and I just laugh. The south is so great. Haha MIRACLES. Ha-ha. But also lots of miracles with awesome new investigators and progression here in San Pedro. We have a baptism this week, so please pray hard that things work out. There is for sure opposition in all things, but we are so excited for Hermana Narda and her decision to be baptized. She is so great, and her conversion story has been so great. She has literally seen so many miracles these last 2 weeks. Heavenly Father is very aware of all of His children. 

Next week my Pday is Tuesday because we are going to the temple!!!!!!! I am so excited! I have missed it so much. It will be so great. I’ve been there once to watch some of my converts do baptisms for their ancestors, but we will get to do a session. I am so excited. I LOVE YOU ALL! 

THINK OF ME every time you are cold, because I am never cold...

Pics: Some fun stuff

My new look as a missionary, pants and a hat...awesome. Haha. I usually don't wear my hat...shhhh. 

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