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Hermana Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 32 Letter

Monday, Jan 23, 2017
Ok wow, so this week was weird. There is opposition in all things, including a red eyes, cold sores, health, and food on the street......but I am alive so that’s good. There were a couple of times this week where I sang the words "I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing..." I can’t even remember the song, but that line has been my week. Hahaha. But all is good. 

As an hermana leader we have 24 hour exchanges with the other hnas in our assigned zones...so we have one every week. Normally we are all supposed to be in our area for the day instead of actual exchanges...but we with some little hiccups in our apartment situation we have done exchanges were one of us goes to the other area. So I got to go to Ascope. That was cool. There was a HUGE dance off party thing all week in ALL the streets, so we snapped some pics. This one tribal dance group painted their skin black...and I could only think of Jet...maybe it’s a little racist...but ya know. He's black and he knows it. Haha. But it was cool to see another area and help there. 

All the zone leaders and us have been trying a new daily schedule for the last couple of weeks...and I think President will go with it. Just a couple things changed, like dinner has to be when we return to our apartments at 9:30, planning in the morning, less study time, more proselyting time. All in all I think it will be good. It’s rough on pensionistas to prepare dinner to go so late, and its rough eating super late, but sacrifices are sacrifices. Haha. I like it. I’m really only telling you this because I don’t know what else to say and mom will kill me if I sent nothing...so, here is something. Haha. 

This week I learned that butter is a product of dairy...like butter has milk. Didn’t know that....Did you all know that? And in the 8th grade I learned that Mayo is made from eggs, but I also learned this week that it is made from the yoke...I just assumed it was made out of the white part because mayo is white...but mayo is the main condiment here and it kills me every time. Because they could really use some ranch, bbq sauce, real ketchup, or just something other than mayo. Haha. They do have some really good chili pepper sauces....anyways...I’m just rambling...so I LOVE YOU ALL! 

THINK OF ME EVERY TIME you drink a smoothie....I miss blendtechs. Hahaha

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