Hermana Lee

Hermana Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
Peru Trujillo North Mission
Teodoro Valcarcel 512
Urb, Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 31 Letter

Monday, Jan 16, 2017
CRAZIEST WEEK OF MY LIIIIIIIIIIIIFE! Holy moly. It all started when we had to go to Trujillo last pday and we drove down for a 2 hour trip in less than an hour in a minivan and got pulled over by police and the driver handed out fake IDs to the other passengers....long story....then LOTS of other crazy stuff and we are now sleeping in another apartment at night because there is a Japanese creeper that lives in the room across from us for the next 3 weeks and I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT ELSE happened but it was sooooooo crazy. Wow, so crazy. 

But we had the first baptism in our area for 2 years. Narda is so amazing. I love her so much. She is so great. I can’t help but think of the scripture in D&C 18:15-16 that talks about the joy we will feel when we bring one soul to God and then how greater our joy will be when we bring many souls. Every time we have a baptism, I just get more excited to serve. As Narda shared her testimony, I could feel the Savior welcoming her into His fold. I heard the spirit whisper to me "Well done, now go and find the next one." The joy that we can feel when we bring others into the fold will NEVER run out, because the love of Christ will NEVER run out, and the effects of His atonement will NEVER run out. Never. And then today we went to the temple and I have never been so excited for something I think and then interviews with our mission president. Most effective 10 minutes of my life, I love our interviews. So great. I really have no more time; I will try to send some more pics, because I have TONS. I LOVE YOU ALL!

THINK OF ME every time you eat cream of mushroom soup...I ate some noodles with nothing but tuna (we eat a lot of tuna without penstionista) and I really wanted some cream of mushroom soup. Haha. 

HAPPY TUESDAY THE 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my comp are gonna buy some pineapple juice today to celebrate...she doesn’t know psych, but who can say no to pineapple juice? Hahahaha. 

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