Hermana Lee

Hermana Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee

Sister Alison Christine Lee
Peru Trujillo North Mission
Teodoro Valcarcel 512
Urb, Primavera
Trujillo, La Libertad

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 52 Letter

Monday, June 12, 2017

So cambios are pretty much the worst thing ever on the mission.  I left Cajamarca last night and now I am in Trujillo still as an hermana leader. My companion is a gringa! The first American I have had! She finishes her mission this transfer. She is 7 brothers and sisters in her family and is from Oregon and I love her. So great. She doesn’t know Ingles and I don’t either so much and we live in the same house as 2 Latina missionaries. So it’s going to be fun. Also, one of the other sisters that lives with us and is in our ward is hermana Pacheco, who I trained, got sent home for her appendix issue and now is back. So awesome. And I sent hermana Soto my trainer off to her last training before going home today too, so that was sad. Haha. 

These transfers are bitter sweet.  We had just started to see progress this week with investigator of GOLD this week Orlando. He is soooooo awesome. And then Maria also. She has been an investigator since my first transfer in Cajamarca, and Poco a Poco has progressed. And just recently she has progressed so much and I really love her. Her daughter is a convert recent, it was sooooo hard to say goodbye to her. She just cried and cried.  She reminds me a lot...A LOT of grandma Jenkinson.  She works sooooooo hard, helps her grandkiddos sooooo much, is sooooooo funny and cooks really goooood. She is the Peruvian Linda Jenkinson, for reals.  So great. It was so hard saying goodbye to the members. Ahhh! Janeth who is mi amigasa, and hermano Leo and his wife hermana Maria. They are like grandparents to me. Hermano Leo was explaining to me that it would be really sad that he won’t see his youngest grandkid go on the mission (because of his health and age) and he was really sad. And then I told him that my grandpas have passed away, but that they are ALWAYS with me, and they are with me through some people on the mission like him. And we cried. And Hermana Maria never stopped crying and it just was the worst thing ever. I miss them soooooooo much. My heart feels like wet toilet paper, the kid of toilet paper from schools. And yes that was a psych reference and I am just so sad right now. Hahahaha. But transfers are good too .lots of growing opportunity. While I will miss the people a lot, it was for sure the hardest time that I have had on the mission. Hardest companions, my whole shoulder deal, a difficult ward and just I don’t even know how to explain it. But the lord calls us to His work, and you just go for it with all of your heart. Might, mind and strength, locking ALL of your heart to the Lord and His work. Elder Godoy taught us that locking ALL of our heart means that we are obsessed with baptizing, even when we are in really hard areas. And when we are obsessed with baptizing, we talk to everyone; we don’t worry about sleeping, eating, home, and family. So, that’s what we do! I am so grateful for a fresh start in a new area.  It’s not a baptizing area, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be! Locking ALL of your heart means that every area is a baptizing area. Wow you learn lots on the mission. Lots of good stuff. So I am excited to be here. Even though it is so hot compared to Cajamarca. Hahaha. But, so good. I love the mission. And it goes by sooooo fast. I love you all! 

THINK OF ME every time you hug someone so hard. I never did that before the mission, and then on the mission, you just do it to greet someone. Soooooo much. Also, do you know how many cheeks I have kissed? Oh my. I was way out of my bubble here. Haha. But a year later, ya its normal. Hahahaha. 

MARIA (investigator) with her daughter DEYSI and granddaughter Fabiana

LEO with his awesome poster from Cajamarca. He is so great. His familia is my favorite in my entire mission I think. Haha. 

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