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Hermana Lee

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Sister Alison Christine Lee
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 44 Letter

Monday, April 17, 2017
Well, how goes the life of y'all? 

This week...well, I got real good at using my left hand for everything. Everything...haha. But things are looking better now. So that is great. Thanks for your prayers. I've seen real miracles with this whole thing. 

Easter here is a little different...there are no Easter eggs and chocolates...so we improvised. We made little baskets and filled them with chocolate for the sisters in our zone. I think I have some pics. I'm not crafty but my comp is...so that’s nice. haha. Here we celebrate they holy week....and Friday is more important than Domingo. Actually, TONS of people (even members) don't even recognize Domingo as Easter. They celebrate the death of Christ and stay home from work and watch all the catholic movies...so that’s kind of sad because the resurrection is what makes Easter Easter...and the resurrection is what makes life happy! So I am so grateful that we got to contact so much this weekend to share the message about Christ's resurrection and His restoration of His church. These are my favorite Easter scriptures from my studies...

"I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." Revelation 1:18

"Know ye that ye must come to the knowledge of your fathers, and repent of all your sins and iniquities, and believe in Jesus Christ, that he is the Son of God, and that he was slain by the Jews, and by the power of the Father he hath risen again, wherby he hath gained the victory over the grave; and also in him is the sting of death swallowed up." Mormon 7:5

Awesome story. This week we let go of a lot of people. I hate doing it but we don't have a lot of time, and so we shouldn't make our priority the people that aren't progressing and the people who don't have a desire YET. So we were feeling kind of down. And last night I was soooo tired and just felt so drained. But, it wasn't 9 yet...so we contacted and we found a golden family. It was so amazing. And then we felt sooooo happy and excited and pumped up after. Sometimes you have to have so many dead ends to have a success. 

Well, I wish you all a happy week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya! 

So I went to the doc again and things look better...MIRACLE!!!! Sleeping is still rough but ya, such is life. The doc wants me to do at least 10 sessions of physical therapy and other stuff....but when I talked to Hermana marble (the Pres wife) she said that we can’t do PT on the mission...so I have to go home and do it or she is going to look up some exercises on the internet and bring them to me Thursday...and I'm not going home so I will just live with it and pray a lot.. He just says I’m really inflamed. We just took an x-ray that only shows the bones which aren’t broken. So I don’t know. It doesn’t hurt as bad now; I’m just sore and throbbing all the time. 

Answers to your questions - 
1. Smacked my shoulder into an iron lock sticking out of a door. I was almost running...walking really fast. 
2. Monday the 3rd of April (3 weeks ago) 
3. Right shoulder, for the first couple weeks constant pinching and throbbing. It also felt really heavy. 
4. I was in a sling for about 2 weeks. But as of today, no more. 
5. After a week we went to the doc and told me to use a sling and do nothing with it. 
6. It was swollen on the outside for about 2 weeks. 
7. Before my pain level was 8-10. Recently I have had good days and bad but as of yesterday noticeably different. Today I’m sore and tight because the doc was moving it around. 
8. Celebrex and Tylenol. 

The doc says that the swelling inside has gone down. I really feel a difference but it still is achy. I’m not sleeping which is probably the worst. It hurts to type and to open doors.

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